Face Creams

Indulge your skin! ... with these new Face Creams

Intensive Care Anti-Age multi-active Q10


You can banish wrinkles with these creams that provide results. Developed using the latest scientific advances, they contain ingredients proven to help protect against skin aging, such as coenzyme Q10. They also call on Mother Nature utilizing protective bioflavonoids from elder blossoms and blending in wonderful extracts like avocado and papaya.


Day Cream SKIN REPAIR EFFECT..  An intensively caring cream for every type of skin, this anti-wrinkle formula really works. Bioflavonoids, from elderberry extract, coenzyme Q10, provitamin B5, vitamins C and E, aloe vera and a powerful moisturizing complex help protect against the damaging effects of the environment, reduce wrinkles and keep your skin smooth and supple.   50 ml


Night Cream CELL RENEWAL COMPLEX..  Night-time is perfect for some deep care and repair with this rich, creamy blend of coenzyme Q10, retinol, vitamins E and F and provitamin B5. It is easily absorbed, helping to slow skin aging, correct lines and wrinkles.  This night cream provides long-lasting

regenerative effects and improves skin elasticity during its nightly regeneration phase.   50 ml