KalodermaEvery woman’s dream is to be beautiful – including skin that radiates youth. A well-balanced diet, exercise outdoors, and plenty of sleep and water intake are ways of keeping skin young and beautiful. But nature’s aging process slows down the skin’s ability to regenerate. Stresses in our environment or a hectic lifestyle without enough time to regenerate contribute to the skin’s aging process. If the body is lacking proper care, small wrinkles and lines can appear prematurely or the complexion may appear pale and dull, leaving you with the feeling of dry skin.

Kaloderma products can play a vital part of a woman’s daily body and skin care regimen with their carefully chosen ingredients adapted to various skin demands.

Kaloderma for women... over 40 years of age, but not exclusively

Who ...

  • prefer clear and respectable product information
  • prefer easy to use cosmetic products
  • prefer good product quality
  • are not impressed by images of young models
  • take great care of their appearance
  • compare price / value
  • are price-conscious